Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Surprisingly Peaceful

So, no matter how I framed going vegan to myself, I always knew that it would require a certain period of willpower and resolve. I knew that it would feel like a "diet" for a while. Not because I'm counting calories or trying to lose weight or any of that judge-y stuff that we go through on a weight-loss or health diet plan, but--let's face it--there are things (lots of them) that I used to eat that I won't be eating anymore. That's got to be a downer until a person gets used to it, right?

But that isn't happening.

My daughter hasn't even noticed a change. She's very young and used to eating whatever yummies she's given, and she's always loved her vegetables. So for her, this is a nonexistent shift. My husband has not had one complaint, and he seems very genuine in his acceptance of everything we're doing. He is still eating omni lunch, but that will phase out as I learn better how to feed him and he's totally open to that. He even sat with vegan leftovers at his desk and ate them right out of the container while praising my vegan gravy with gusto between bites.

As for me? I was prepared for having to work at it and watch my resolve and steer clear of exposure to other people eating omni for a while. I've been shocked to find that it's just not an issue. At all. This is all just happening so smoothly. It's so...easy.

We have eaten like kings this week. I have tasted two new vegetables and discovered a total PASSION for soy faux nog. My daughter and I have been breakfasting on berries and steel-cut oats every morning. It's been an adventure, and a delicious one. No sacrifice. No craving. No temptation of any sort.

There is a peaceful sort of bliss hanging over me right now. My beloved beagle, Kioko, is chewing happily on one of her toys next to my chair. I am reflecting on a wonderful day with a cup of soy nog and a little bowl of pistachio nuts before bed. Life is good. I'm not suffering. I'm not missing anything. I'm not hungry.

And nothing had to die for me to feel this way.

God is good and all is right with my world.

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