Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, I made vegan waffles for the first time ever. The batter was made from an organic whole grain mix, and I was not optimistic. It looked entirely too healthy and fibrous to taste any good. I was pleasantly surprised. I added cinnamon and vanilla to the batter as I do with every pre-made waffle or pancake batter mix. I did not add citrus, but a nice 1/4C of orange juice would've been yummy, too. These came out rather denser than I'm used to because of the whole grains. They were heavier than "normal" waffles. For that reason, I will add extra baking powder to the mix next time.

Now, we didn't come at this from a health perspective. Nuh-uh. We did this up right with butter (of course it was vegan butter! sheesh) and syrup and HUGE waffles.

They were rich and filling and absolutely delicious. Even Kioko san was allowed to try one bite. These waffles were some of the best I've ever eaten...but they had no eggs, no refined sugar, no white flour, and nothing to feel guilty about (you know, within reason, anyway). How could I have ever thought this would be deprivation?

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