Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Piggy Rib Sandwiches

In my omniverous days, I was a huge fan of McRib season at McDonald's. I loved, loved, LOVED those sandwiches. They are obesity, heart attacks, and colon cancer on a bun, but they tasted good to me, and I ate them at least once every time they came around.

I recently found another product from Morning Star that I am in love with because it tastes JUST LIKE the McRib Sandwiches...and it's vegan. I have put pictures below of the product packaging. If there is a non-vegan ingredient I don't know about in these, I would appreciate someone telling me, but I don't think there is.

I'm not usually a fan of faux meats. I will go further and say that I find most fake meat products taste AWFUL. Not only do I find that most don't taste like meat, but they also don't even taste good. They're usually pretty high fat considering the other foods vegans eat, and they're very calorie dense in general. All that complaining out of the way, I gotta tell you that the meat substitutes I do like bring me comfort (love me some grilled veggie dogs and several kinds of veggie burgers). Anyway, this one is a MUST. It's seriously scrumptious, and you just have to try it.

Today, my friend and I will be eating Vegan rib sammiches with cole slaw for lunch. Mmmm.

No Piggy McRibs

1 package Morning Star Hickory BBQ Riblets, cooked according to package instructions
2 whole wheat Hot Dog Buns, ends removed and sliced in half
Cole Slaw to taste, your favorite recipe

Cut the Riblets, once cooked, to fit your bun, top with cole slaw. Voila!

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